Spread your vision across the  company with OKR

Do you have a clear vision

but you struggle aligning it across the company?

You know what you want to achieve, but you feel people are not following the plan, right?

Is it hard to convince your company to adopt OKRs?

You want to use OKRs but some people are not confident they are going to solve your problems, I am going to explain you what strategies you can use to convince anyone in the company to set the first OKR.

How do I get the buy-in from all the OKRs stakeholders?

You have set your OKR already, but people are not convinced about them, and you constantly fail to achieve them, regardless of their difficulty.

OKR top to bottom or bottom to top?

Who is the one setting OKR? Who should participate in deciding what are the Key Results to create?

How many OKR shall I set?

What is the right amount of OKRs to create? Is 1 too few or 3 is too many? Shall I have 1 level of OKRs or multiple levels?

I can do that alone!

I am sure you can properly set and use OKRs in your company, but how much will it take? Do you want to waste the time of all yours collaborators just to try something out?

I will guide you to implement OKRs properly in your company in less than a month.

We cannot completely depend on a consultant.

And you are right! When OKRs work well, the entire organization is able to understand and deeply believe in them. No more need for a consultant in the long term, your company will be your best partner.

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YAMP Podcast on OKR

Luca Cipriani interviewed by Dennis Benkert, on the YAMPP podcast. I explained the most common OKR pitfalls that many companies encounter

What serious companies say about me

Agile Lab, a fast raising Data-intensive focused company recently introduced OKRs company wide with my help.

“Another big improvement in our organization that is actually flying!!! Proud of it. Thanks Luca Cipriani for the support“.
Paolo Platter

Trusted by top tech leads

Zef Hemel is a known technical leader innovating all the time.

“Thanks for that, I found it valuable and I would recommend it to anybody using OKRs”

Zef Hemel

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Grow your business by using OKRs.

I am Luca Cipriani, OKR Mentor, and will help you to scale your business.

Luca Cipriani OKR Mentor

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