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Achieve ambitious goals with OKRs and Modern Management Methodologies.

We help ambitious Companies adopting the OKR Methodology to engage, empower and align their employees, while creating a measurability culture.

"OKR Business helped us a lot to learn OKR the right way and still providing shadowing to refine our practice."

Paolo Platter, Co-founder and CTO AgileLab

Empower your employees

Help your team grow, create a culture of commitment and direct contribution. Your OKR will help every team member taking action to achieve the objective.

Team di Professionisti che lavora in modo allineato e focalizzato grazie agli OKR
Professioniste empowered e autonome che lavorano al computer

Make prioritization easy for everyone

Managers, employees and every level of your company will have a clear view on what matters first and prioritise in order to get where your strategy needs to be.

Align the whole company

Defining a clear Objective and Key Results will allow cross-team collaboration and commitment on a shared goal, avoiding misalignment and the Company moving in different directions

Gruppo di lavoro che comunica in modo efficace utilizzando okr

Be in good company

Some of the Companies we helped achieving ambitious goals



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About us

We are a team of passionate OKR Coaches and experts who are here to help small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and scale-ups embrace modern management methodologies. Our goal is to empower your teams and guide you towards achieving remarkable goals. With our international experience and diverse expertise, we offer a unique value and fresh perspective to our clients. Get to know the OKR Business Core Team.

Luca Cipriani,  manager esperto e OKR Coach

Luca Cipriani

OKR Coach
Experienced OKR Coach and leader working for more than a decade with Scaleups and tech Startups.

Mirko De Feo, professionista esperto di crescita, vendite e OKR

Mirko De Feo

OKR Executioner
Business Strategy Consultant with more than a decade of experience in Sales, Growth and Startups.

What is OKR?

OKR, which stands for Objectives and Key Results, is a dynamic goal-setting methodology widely embraced by successful companies worldwide. It provides a clear framework for setting ambitious objectives and defining measurable key results that drive progress and focus within your teams.

Donna che lavora al computer in remoto con OKR

Our Services

Sala meeting aziendali


Gain a solid understanding of OKR fundamentals and learn how to create your first set.

Advanced Techniques Workshop designed specifically for managers seeking to elevate their OKR implementation and drive continuous improvement within their organizations.

> Duration: +4 hours 
> Starting from: 2.000 €

Laptop su un tavolo di un uffiicio

OKR Coaching Program

Our OKR Coaching Program jumpstarts your company's OKR journey. We provide expert guidance, training, and support to help you adopt and implement the methodology successfully. By the program's end, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create impactful OKR, driving your organization towards success.

> Duration: da 1 a 3 months
> Starting from: 10.000 €

Una agenda su cui una persona stra prendendo appunti e note dei suoi obiettivi

Personalised Programs

Unlock your organization's full potential with our personalized OKR Coaching Program. We assess your unique needs and deliver a tailored solution to help you harness the power of OKRs successfully. Our expert coaching guides you through the process, ensuring a custom-fit approach that aligns with your specific goals and challenges. 

> Duration: ad hoc
> Starting from: ad hoc

laptop su cui una persona sta lavorando e formandosi

Video Course

Coming Soon

A dynamic video course where we walk you through the essentials of OKR from scratch and provide with advanced technique to start using OKR for your Company. With a practical framework and step-by-step instructions, this course empowers you to adopt OKRs effortlessly and drive tangible results.

> Duration: 4 hours
> Starting from: coming soon

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